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    This bewitching black midnight offering bowl is a must have all-purpose magical tool for every Witch or spiritual practitioner! Use this gorgeous stone bowl as a smudge pot, incense burner and to leave precious offerings to your deities and ancestors on your altar. You can also fill this bowl with a shallow pool of water and gaze within for psychic visions and intuitive insight. Excellent for scrying and divination rituals! When burning incense or smudge wands, place some salt or sand inside to protect the bottom so you can enjoy your bowl for many years to come. This lovely bowl can also be used to hold your crystals and stones, sacred treasures, jewelry, spell blends, candles or to burn herbs or petitions in during spiritual work. This bowl also serves as a stunning centerpiece during the holidays to hold seasonal fruits, flowers, herbs, or greenery. Each beautiful bowl is hand made out of black stone and has a nice smooth feel and heavy weight to it. 

    I bless and charge these bowls under the Full Moon and they sit outside overnight to absorb all of the power of pure moonlight. One favorite way that I love to use this bowl is to make my own sacred Moon water. Simply fill your bowl with spring water, set outside on the night of the Full moon and position it so that the moonlight is reflecting in the water. Let it sit outside overnight. If you don't have an area outside where you can leave your bowl overnight, you can set it on a windowsill, patio or your altar instead. Bottle the water, add a pinch of sea salt and you will have magical Moon water to use in all of your rituals and spiritual practices.

    WITCHES' RITUAL OFFERING BOWL measures approx. 6" across by 1.5" high. 

    Charcoal disks, incense, resins & smudge wands are available to purchase separately in our shop!

    Please allow for natural variation as each piece is carved from stone and unique. Do not place this stone bowl in the dishwasher. Hand wash with a gentle dish soap and air dry to preserve the timeless beauty of your bowl.

    *Salt, herbs, charcoal and cedar wand not included.

    Please read our Store Policies Page for detailed information and our disclaimer regarding the use of Blackthorn & Rose's magical offerings. All sales are final.