WITCHES' BLACK SALT - Natural Volcanic Black Lava Salt For Protection, Banishing, Uncrossing, Curse & Hex Breaking


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Blackthorn and Rose's premium WITCHES' BLACK SALT is natural volcanic black lava salt derived from the sparkling Pacific Ocean waters surrounding the pristine island of Molokai. Largely undeveloped and undisturbed, this secluded island, provides the ideal conditions for pure, mineral rich, sea salt. To avoid stripping these natural minerals from the salt, it is harvested by slowly extracting the oceanic water in a solar evaporator. This technique of using the sun’s penetrating rays to naturally coax the precious salt flakes from the surrounding ocean helps preserve the salt in its purest possible state and consistency. With the polished noir shine of black obsidian, this naturally derived sea salt contains native-Hawaiian black lava, which is abundant in activated carbon. Traditionally Witches' Black Salt is used for protection, banishing, uncrossing, curse and hex breaking, shielding against harm, absorbing negativity, driving away harmful entities, bindings, breaking bad habits, release, shadow work, and rituals during the dark or waning moon. Excellent to sprinkle around the home to guard and protect your property and shield from harm. Our natural WITCHES' BLACK SALT is charged with raw black tourmaline, black jet, black obsidian and black onyx crystals for maximum power and potency. Witchcrafted in sacred space and blessed during a dark moon ritual. Free of harsh chemicals, artificial dyes or colorings. 

WITCHES' BLACK SALT available in a 1 oz glass bottle. 

Store ritual salt in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. 

Witchcrafted with Love!


  • If you have cast the salts in your home, make sure to change it out or sweep it up weekly.
  • There are four methods you can use when properly disposing of the ritual salts. You can choose whichever one is more convenient for you.
  • Ground the energy of the spell salt in the earth by burying it in a distant place from your living and working space. You can also bury it at a crossroads. 
  • Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing away from your living and working space. You can also blow the spell salts from your hand into the four directions or at a crossroads.
  • Throw the spell salts into a bonfire outdoors. 
  • Cast the spell salts into a living body of water such as a river, creek, lake, or ocean. This will properly disperse the energies and cleanse them. 

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