• WILDCRAFTED COPAL - All Natural Ancient Resin Incense


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    Copal is a natural tree resin that is sacred to the regions in Mexico, Central America and South America and has been used for centuries in ancient Maya and Aztec ceremonies as a ritual offering to the Divine. Both the ancient Aztecs and Mayas burned copal resin inside their pyramids, as well as around their sacred burial grounds. Copal is well known for its use in the homes during Day of the Dead celebrations and its still burned in year round in the churches in Mexico. Today, copal is used to cleanse and clear stagnant, negative energy and to infuse our space with warm, uplifting, positive vibrations. The healing properties of copal allow you to welcome bright, refreshing, revitalizing energy into your life to inspire new ideas and opportunities for abundance to flow. Burn copal to beautifully purify your home, crystals and gemstones, and to transform your mind, body, and spirit with the power of positivity!

    For centuries, Copal has been treasured for its mystical ability to both cleanse and raise the energy around it when burned. Set fire to negative energy and bad vibes with Copal Resin. Burning a small bit of copal resin goes a long way, filling the space with a light, clean, pine, wood-scented aroma and an abundance of positive energy. Copal is an excellent choice for purifying a space, cleansing crystals, and to use during as natural aromatherapy during yoga, chakra work, meditations and spiritual practices. Burn copal in your sacred space to lift the vibration, create peace and to bless, purify and consecrate the area. Copal is considered the sacred blood of healing trees and it cleanses the mind of negativity and grounds you to a stronger connection to the Earth. The magical properties of copal allow you to tap into your creativity and determination to create positive change and manifestations in your life. The holistic medicinal benefits of Copal are believed to help relieve anxiety, panic attacks, enhances mood and revitalizes energy.

    Magical Uses - Ancestral Veneration, Attraction, Beltane, Blessings, Cleansing, Consecration, Creativity, Energy Clearing, Grounding, Happiness, Healing, Love, Manifestations, Mental Clarity, Protection, Purifying Crystals & Gemstones, Raising Energy Vibrations, Samhain, Smudging, Spiritual Growth, Spirit Workings, Tranquility, White Magic

    Copal resin available in a 1 oz glass bottle.

    For best results, burn safely on a charcoal disk in a heat resistant burning vessel on a fire-proof surface. When the charcoal begins to turn white, drop a few pieces of copal resin onto the charcoal. The charcoal will slowly burn the resin until it’s all gone. Only use a small amount because Copal is very potent and a little goes a long way. Charcoal disks are sold separately. Store resin in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 

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