• VESTA RITUAL POWDER - Manifestation & Spell Accelerator - For Power, Strength, Wishes, Protection, Banishing, Cleansing, Hex & Curse Breaking & Removing Negative Energy


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    Vesta Powder is the ultimate manifestation and spell accelerator tool. It has been one of my family's favorite magical tools for many years. This magical flash powder is extremely powerful and should be used very carefully and sparingly as a little goes a long way. A tiny pinch of vesta powder packs a powerful punch! Use Vesta powder in rituals and spiritual practices for power, strength, manifestation, wishes, protection, banishing, cleansing, to cease gossip or slander, hex & curse breaking and removing negative energy. It can be used in house cleansing rituals to dispel evil spirits, negativity and bad vibrations. Vesta powder quickly releases your intentions and wishes into the universe, speeds spells along and adds more power to any spiritual working.

    Vesta powder gives a dramatic witchy effect when used in rituals. It will explode into a quick flame with bright sparks and a big puff of smoke. The smoke fumes will quickly dispel any bad vibrations, evil spirits or harmful influences. 

    Burn a small pinch of the Vesta powder on a charcoal tablet within a fireproof vessel. The container must be large enough to catch falling ash. Avoid using glass containers as high heat levels can cause the glass to crack and break. Place the container on a stable, heat-resistant surface. This will also help prevent possible heat damage to counters and table surfaces. Always exercise caution when burning Vesta powder and take special care to reduce the risk of fire and injury. NEVER leave your Vesta powder burning unattended. Use in a well-ventilated room with good air flow or an open window. Never burn Vesta powder on or near anything that can catch fire. 

    VESTA POWDER available in a 1 oz glass bottle. 

    Witchcrafted with Love!

    Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Keep away from children and pets. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest.

    WARNING: Vesta powder is extremely flammable. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose or face when using Vesta powder. If you get some of the powder on your skin, make sure to wash with soap and water immediately. Please use safe burn practices. Any lit fire is a hazard to life and property. Handle with extreme care and caution. Blackthorn & Rose is not responsible or liable for any damaged caused by misuse of Vesta powder or our products. By reading and purchasing our products, you release Blackthorn & Rose from any liability arising out of use of our products.