VAN VAN - The Classic New Orleans All-Purpose Conjure Spell Oil - 1/2 oz - Cleanses Negativity, Strong Protection, Removes Obstacles, Financial Success, Clarity, Truth, Reverses the Negative Effects of Mercury Retrograde


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VAN VAN is an old fashioned southern all-purpose magical formula designed to cleanse away negativity, provides strong spiritual protection, removes obstacles and opens the roads to new prospects, creates new and exciting opportunities, promotes success in financial matters, brings clarity and truth to any situation, reverses the negative effects of mercury retrograde and empowers talismans, amulets and charms! Van Van forms a protective barrier around the aura and helps clear away, and keep away, harmful negative energies or even people that pull us down. The result is, with the bad kept at bay, the good can come our way. Van Van is known to bring good fortune while gambling and good luck for successful business dealings. Van Van is excellent when you want an amazing general all-purpose product that does over-all good and is applicable to multiple positive goals such as empowerment, abundance, success, love, money, and prosperity.

Van Van oil originated in New Orleans Louisiana, specifically in the West Bank district of Algiers, across the river from the French Quarter. It was so widely used in the last century, that it was said you couldn’t turn a corner in Algiers without smelling the fresh citrusy scent of Van Van. It is the most popular and best selling of the New Orleans or "Algiers style" hoodoo products. It is also known as "the fragrant soul of New Orleans"! Van Van is one of our all time favorite formulas with its classic crisp, lemony vibrant scent.

Blackthorn & Rose's artisan ritual spell oils are freshly hand-crafted in the ancient olde world tradition of Witchcraft and can be used in spiritual practices and ritual ceremonies to anoint candles, charms, crystals, ritual tools, doorways, mirrors, and other items. Ritual oils are also used to anoint the body, worn as a natural perfume, added to a ritual bath, or burned in a diffuser.

Each sacred ritual oil formulation is carefully hand-blended and alchemically prepared with focused intent in sacred space. Blackthorn & Rose's artisan ritual spell oils are beautifully infused with white magic and the highest quality pure essential oils, premium natural absolutes, organic botanicals, crystal gemstones, and other sustainably and wild-harvested natural ingredients whose correspondences closely match your intent. Each bottle gorgeously captures the true essence and spirit of magic!

Witchcrafted with Love!

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