• ULTRA BANISHING™ - Artisan Ritual Soy Candle 9 oz - Essence of Rosemary, Sage, Eucalyptus, White Pine & Cedar - Get Rid of Anything That No Longer Serves Your Highest Good - Remove All Negativity, Bad Vibes, Toxic People or Conditions From Your Life


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    As we move through our lives and spiritual journey - changing, growing, learning, evolving - we must naturally let go of that which no longer serves us. When we let go, we create space. This space is that of unlimited potential and great possibility.

    All of the powerful metaphysical properties of plant botanicals, ancient resins, crystal gemstones, and the fierce nature of the Dark Moon are gorgeously fused into this luscious upscale formula to assist and reinforce your intention to remove all negativity, unwanted people or conditions from your life. Blackthorn & Rose's ULTRA BANISHING™ formula is designed to get rid of anything that no longer serves your highest good and to remove negativity on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Use in your daily practices and spiritual rituals to banish bad vibes, negative energy, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, unhealthy attachments, toxic relationships, spiritual disturbances, difficult situations, bad influences, bad habits, character flaws, overindulgence, negative thought patterns, and to cut through negative energy cords that are draining you.

    Banishing on a regular basis helps us all to move through transitions in life without all of the negativity or the heavy burden of carrying the weight of the past. It frees us to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness. Think of banishing as a way to set healthy energetic boundaries and to protect and shield yourself from evil and negative energies. 

    You may choose to speak the following blessing during any type of banishing ritual:

    "I banish ALL that holds me back, brings me down and prevents me from living my best life.

    I now sever and release any and all energetic cords that do not serve my highest good.

    All negative energetic cords are destroyed, across all dimensions, times and planes, never to return again.

    I release all negativity and I free myself from these binds.

    I hereby banish (state whatever it is that you wish to get rid of).

    I recover now all energy that was once lost.

    My energy flows back to me, filling me once again with health, wellness, vitality

    and creating now a peaceful energetic boundary of love and light.

    So mote it be!"

    ULTRA BANISHING™ is also ideal for cleansing spaces, houses, rooms or environments of any kinds of stagnant old energies and bless the space with fresh new energy and positive intent. 

    Other magical uses for ULTRA BANISHING™ include:

    • Cleansing Rituals
    • Consecration
    • Healing  
    • Exorcisms
    • Warding off Evil Spirits
    • Protection Against All Types of Negative Forces
    • Psychic Detox
    • Purification
    • Rejuvenation
    • New Beginnings
    • Release
    • Refresh & Renewal

    Blackthorn & Rose's ULTRA BANISHING™ ritual candles are infused with White Magic, prayed over and blessed during a sacred ritual under the dark moon. Fall in love with our richly scented sophisticated ULTRA BANISHING™ artisan soy candle, drenched in an exquisite essential oil fusion of fresh rosemary, earthy sage, cooling eucalyptus, white pine and cedar. A lush and luxurious fragrance that transforms any room into a magical retreat so you can relax and be whisked away to another time and place. The beautiful warm glow of our ritual candles will create a rich tapestry of scent and illumination throughout the home during any season. Although the heart of what we do is steeped in ancient magic, Blackthorn & Rose products are for anyone who wants their personal space to feel peaceful, loving and comforting. 

    Each ULTRA BANISHING™ Artisan Ritual Soy Candle is topped with certified organic botanicals, ancient resins, volcanic Witches' black lava salt from the island of Molokai and black obsidian crystal gemstones for maximum power and potency. Black obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that is made of quartz. The stone is created when hot lava is forced directly into the air and quickly solidifies before hitting the ground. Black obsidian is a very strong protective stone and is used as a great cleanser of negative energies, helping to remove not only negativity experienced in the environment, but also that of one's own emotions, such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. Black obsidian is believed to guard against all types of negative energies, including psychic attacks, energy vampires, harmful spirits, and the evil eye. 

    The candles of Blackthorn & Rose are alchemically prepared in sacred space harnessing the ancient art of astrology, sacred moon cycles, the power of the cosmos and specific planetary hours and alignments. Each small batch of candles is witchcrafted with love and meticulously poured to ensure you receive the highest quality candle possible. Each of our handcrafted highly fragrant candles is designed to infuse your home in the beauty and essence of true magical living. Our custom essential oil blends are created with warm and inviting botanical essences to enchant and entice the senses and to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.


    • 100% all natural soy wax that is grown in the USA
    • Pure, renewable soy wax is eco-friendly and biodegradable
    • American grown, sustainable, and carbon neutral
    • Burn time: up to 60 hours
    • 9 oz Glass amber apothecary jar
    • Cotton wick - free from lead and zinc
    • Cleaner burning – no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants
    • Soy candles are considered healthier for humans, pets & the environment
    • Lasts 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle
    • Free of harsh chemicals, additives, toxins, and dyes
    • Vegan and cruelty-free


    • Your initial burn is very important. When you first light your soy candle, let it burn until it has achieved a full melt pool. A melt pool is liquefied wax that has reached the edges of the container. This will establish the memory burn and will help keep the scent in your candle strong and it will prevent the wax from tunneling. Each time you burn your candle in the future, it is always best to allow your candle reach a full melt pool for optimal results. We recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hrs at a time to ensure the best quality burn and fragrance throw. Always trim the wick to ¼ inch each time before burning. A wick length over 1/4 inch will produce soot and long wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring. Burn times will vary. 

    You will receive one artisan ritual soy candle per order that comes beautifully packaged and adorned with a handmade olde world wax seal on top of the bewitching black lid. Perfect for treating yourself or for gift giving to family, friends or loved ones.

    Witchcrafted with Love!™

    Please read our Store Policies Page for detailed information and our disclaimer regarding the use of Blackthorn & Rose's magical offerings. All sales are final.


    WARNING: Please use safe burn practices. Any lit candle is a hazard to life and property. Handle with extreme care and caution to prevent fire and serious injury. NEVER LEAVE CANDLES BURNING UNATTENDED. Always keep a burning candle within sight. Never fall asleep when candle(s) are burning. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4th” inch. Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, ceiling fans and air currents. Blackthorn & Rose is not responsible or liable for any damaged caused by misuse of candles or our products. By reading and purchasing our products, you release Blackthorn & Rose from any liability arising out of use of our products.