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    Altar bells are important tools for Witches and spiritual practitioners for ritual or ceremonial use. The bell is used as a sacred ritual tool to invoke and summon Deities, Elementals, Angels, Guides, Spirits or Ancestors for guidance and protection. Ringing a bell during ritual opens up a link between you and the Divine so that energy can be channeled freely to you and empower you during your spiritual work, rituals and spells. Altar bells are rung to highlight rituals, Sabbats, celebrations and to open and close the sacred circle. 

    Witches and spiritual practitioners also use bells for clearing, cleansing and removing unwanted or negative energies within the home or sacred space. It is believed that evil spirits and ghosts cannot tolerate the higher frequency sounds of a bell and therefor the bell drives away negativity and keeps evil spirits at bay. Energy can remain stagnant in the home and have a negative impact on health and spiritual wellbeing if you’re not cleansing yourself and your space on a regular basis. The solution is to purify that negative energy quickly and efficiently with sound. The sound cast off by a bell will help cut through heavy, dense, stagnant energy that may be preventing fresh positive energy from circulating around within your home. Ringing a bell also instantly raises your vibration and increases positive energy.

    To effectively cleanse a space with sound, ring the bell in every room, every corner, across thresholds, windows and doorways. You can start at the back of your home and move around each room counterclockwise while ringing the bell until you have cleansed your entire space. This simple and effective sound cleansing technique works great in combination with burning sage, palo santo, resins, incense or other botanicals. 

    This beautiful triple moon brass altar bell features a carved triple moon design, antique brass finish and a crescent moon handle. It has a very nice weight to it and measures approximately 5" inches tall and 2.25" wide. 

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