WARRIORESS Artisan Botanical Elixir Oil - 1/3 oz Roll-On Natural Perfume Potion


“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” -Mahatma Gandhi

It's hopeful and inspiring to know that you really can do something to make yourself stronger. Since part of survival is accepting that you cannot change outside circumstances or people, it's important to accept and feel empowered by the realization that you can transform yourself and become strong! Find power in your inner self and know that you were created with a spirit as your force field, even if it feels weakened. Your glow is not extinguishable, and it was created to rekindle itself. Remind yourself that you are bigger than any crisis in life, and that you will get back to you again in time. Develop and nurture a spiritual connection to a higher power, a purpose greater than this. Ask for spiritual guidance, comfort and grounding in your journey. Stay open to receiving divine gifts in the most wonderful, surprising ways, and believe that you deserve them when they show up. Trust that you are going to move past hardships and obstacles and that the universe wants that for you as well!

WARRIORESS is a powerful encouraging blend to awaken your inner Warrior Goddess, and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit to face all of life's challenges and overcome all obstacles so that you can rise above anything. Wear this sacred blend on your pulse points to help you find the confidence, courage, strength and self-esteem that comes from believing in yourself again. After applying this spiritual empowerment elixir, take a few moments to reflect back on your life and remind yourself of all the times when you survived, got through challenges, and even surprised yourself. Never give up and see strength in your own abilities, resilience and fighting power. You have risen before and will rise again!

WARRIORESS is an exquisite blending of the finest fusion of neroli, egyptian musk, dark earth notes, and heartwood essential oils and absolutes, fiery garnet crystal gemstones and other secret ingredients that shall remain hidden to preserve the unique quality of this precious oil. Garnet is valued for its strong curative powers, protective energies and is considered to be a stone that enhances bodily strength, endurance, regeneration and vigor. Garnet is a stabilizing stone in that it can bring order to chaos and helps you let go of old behavior patterns that are holding you back. Garnet boosts self confidence, provides a protective influence and a calming stable vitality.

Blackthorn and Rose's artisan botanical elixir oils are a luxurious treat for the mind, body and spirit that transforms everyday rituals into a beautiful rich, sensory experience filled with olfactory pleasure. Freshly hand-crafted and made by infusing all-natural premium absolutes and pure high-quality essential oils in organic carrier oils that nourish the skin. The ultimate gift of luxury to pamper yourself or a loved one! Vegan and cruelty-free.

Please note that natural perfume oils do not wear the same way commercial synthetic fragrances do. They are to be experienced as an intimate journey and a luxurious sensory ritual. Natural perfume oils stay close to the body and linger softly to the ones that love and embrace you. The scent of each natural perfume oil will evolve and shift over time and should be reapplied every few hours.

Witchcrafted with Love!

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