SACRED SMUDGE - Organic Herbal Blend For Purification, House Cleansing, Removing Negative Energy, Blessings & Protection


Smudging is ritual alchemy - changing and shifting the air element, and transforming our current experience to a mystical one. Smudging your sacred space, your home or office, objects, or even your body is like taking a refreshing energetic shower, or doing a deep spiritual cleansing. This ancient shamanic mystical ritual is a simple one to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine, or any time you feel like you might need a little aura polishing. You can never really smudge too much! 

Some ideal times to smudge your aura and/or space would be:

  • When you move into a new living space
  • When you begin a new job or start your own business
  • Before and after a guest enters your home
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session
  • Before and after spiritual work and rituals
  • Before meditation
  • After an intense exercise workout routine
  • After expelling any kind of negative or stressed out energy
  • During periods of depression, grieving, or sadness.
  • After an argument or any illness
  • After a long hard day at work
  • Upon returning home from crowded situations

With the discovery of fire thousands of years ago, early humans began to notice that aromatic smoke was produced by burning dried plants and botanicals. As herbs, roots, resins and barks are changed from their physical form (of this world), they are changed by the element of fire into smoke (spirit world form). This transformation is evidence of the spirit within substances. Throughout human history aromatic plants have been used in the daily activities of people from every culture. The act of smudging is done with a bowl or abalone shell with the smudging herbs directly lit or burned on a charcoal tablet. When using charcoal tablets, the bowl or shell should be filled with sand or salt to prevent overheating the container. The sacred smoke cleanses and purifies the home and the body of all negative energy. 

Blackthorn and Rose's SACRED SMUDGE is made with 100% certified organic botanicals that are witchcrafted to purify and cleanse negative energy, bad vibes and to replenish with positive healing energy in a home, object, or person. Our premium SACRED SMUDGE contains a harmonious blend of high quality wildcrafted and organic California white sage, western red cedar leaf, lavender and rosemary. 

Sacred Smudge available in a 1 oz tin. 

Happy Smudging!

Witchcrafted with Love!

Store herbs in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest. Keep herbs out of the reach of children and pets. For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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