• FORTUNE TELLER Artisan Botanical Elixir Oil - 1/3 oz Roll-On Natural Perfume Potion


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    FORTUNE TELLER is a mystical fragrance that powerfully enhances psychic awareness and heightens intuition to awaken the mind and the third eye chakra to a deeper level of consciousness. Apply this sacred blend on pulse points and over the third eye chakra to increase psychic visions and to gain clear insight into the past, present, and future during all types of divination rituals, tarot card readings, meditations, communications with the spirit realm, and psychic workings. An exquisite blending of the finest fusion of golden amber, egyptian musk, mugwort, vetiver, agarwood, sandalwood essential oils and absolutes, amethyst crystal gemstones and other secret ingredients that shall remain hidden to preserve the unique quality of this precious oil. Amethyst carries a high energy, particularly stimulating to the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras. A powerfully psychic stone, it connects us with the spiritual realm and our intuition. Amethyst has long been believed to grant a deeper understanding of the hidden knowledge of the universe. It increases the activity in the right brain, cuts through illusion, reveals the truth and helps to strengthen and develop the psychic abilities.

    Blackthorn and Rose's artisan botanical elixir oils are a luxurious treat for the mind, body and spirit that transforms everyday rituals into a beautiful rich, sensory experience filled with olfactory pleasure. Freshly hand-crafted and made by infusing all-natural premium absolutes and pure high-quality essential oils in organic carrier oils that nourish the skin. The ultimate gift of luxury to pamper yourself or a loved one! Vegan and cruelty-free.

    Please note that natural perfume oils do not wear the same way commercial synthetic fragrances do. They are to be experienced as an intimate journey and a luxurious sensory ritual. Natural perfume oils stay close to the body and linger softly to the ones that love and embrace you. The scent of each natural perfume oil will evolve and shift over time and should be reapplied every few hours.

    Witchcrafted with Love!

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