PSYCHIC DETOX - Artisan Ritual Bath Crystals - Cleanse, Clear, Release & Detox Daily Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Bad Vibes & Negativity


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The sacred element of water has been used ceremoniously as a spiritual cleanser throughout ancient history. Performing a weekly salt water bath ritual is an easy, effective and very relaxing way to cleanse and purify your body of negative energy. Once you slip into the water, you are entering a spiritual experience. When you immerse yourself in a ritual bath, you are opening yourself up to connect to the Divine. Ritual bathing cleanses you from the toxic effects of low vibrational negative psychic and spiritual grime, thus purifying, cleansing, and protecting both your body and your aura. Ritual bathing also promotes physical wellbeing and has great health benefits. The essential trace minerals your body needs are absorbed through the skin during a salt water bath which enhances health, balances the body, and leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated! 

Regularly cleansing and detoxifying your personal energy and your aura is an essential practice. Whether or not you are aware of it, you come into contact with various people and environments, all of which have their own energy vibrations. Not all of these energy frequencies are high and positive; because your energy field is constantly taking in and putting out vibrations, some of the vibrations (including your own thoughts, as well as external influences) are low and will bring you down if left unchecked. We are exposed to negativity and unnecessary drama on a daily basis which can lead to exhaustion, mood swings, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. While our energy body is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, the negative energies can linger and build up over time. This is why it is so vitally important to cleanse and detox the low vibrational negative energy that we accumulate on a daily basis.

Blackthorn and Rose's luxurious artisan ritual bath crystals are freshly hand-crafted in a sacred blending of the highest quality imported dead sea salts, therapeutic epsom salts, pure essential oils, premium natural absolutes, and organic botanicals. PSYCHIC DETOX is a refreshing and uplifting blend that is formulated to cleanse, release and detox daily stress, anxiety, tension, bad vibes and negativity. This purifying formula cleanses the aura, enhances overall well-being and beautifully balances the mind, body, and spirit. Each batch is handcrafted in sacred space, blessed with high vibrational crystal energy and drenched in moonlight. Our bath crystals beautifully capture the true essence and spirit of magic! 

This listing is for one bag of PSYCHIC DETOX Artisan Ritual Bath Crystals. Each bag contains enough bath crystals for approximately several baths. Instructions are included for bath or shower use.

Witchcrafted with Love!

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