Large Premium SWEETGRASS Braid - For Home Blessings, Positive Energy, Cleansing & Purification, Sacred Offering for Ancestors & Spirits


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Sweetgrass is used in a variety of metaphysical healing practices and in herbal healing science. When burned, the plant smolders, producing clouds of fragrant smoke. Its botanical name, Hierochloe Odorata, literally means "fragrant holy grass," and the plant has been regarded as sacred everywhere it has been grown and harvested. Sweetgrass has traditionally been used by various Native American tribes as a sacred medicine and incense for healing, purification, driving out negativity, and as an offering to spirits and ancestors. Some tribes believe it to have been the first plant to cover the Earth. Many people worldwide have fallen in love with sweetgrass for its soothing, somewhat hypnotic vanilla-like fragrance, during meditative and spiritual practices.

Sweetgrass will call blessings, positive energy and good spirits into a room, and transform the space with energetic illumination. Witches and spiritual practitioners use Sweetgrass before ceremonies to begin rituals with positivity and after smudging a space. It is excellent to use in tandem with sage, which will cleanse and clear negative energy and harmful spirits. After performing a space clearing with sage, you can follow that practice by burning a Sweetgrass braid and inviting in blessings and good energy to take the negative energy’s place.


  • Burn as a special offering to ancestors and spirits during ritual
  • Burn for home blessings and to attract positive energy
  • Burn for cleansing and purification purposes

    • Carry as a protective talisman


    First, smudge your space with sage to clear any negative energy. Then, take your sweetgrass braid and trim off a small amount of the drier end of the braid (the one with less green in it). Light the braid at the cut end by holding it in the flame and gently rotating the braid. Let it catch fire and then blow it out gently. Gently shake the braid around your area. The Sweetgrass braid will burn by producing smoke, there should be no flame. As the smoke fills the air, thank the spirit of the Sweetgrass and say out loud or to yourself: "I ask that the sacred plant spirit of this Sweetgrass fill my space with positive energy, love, light and the brightest of blessings." Though an open flame quickly dies on a Sweetgrass braid, it will continue to simmer on the dried leaves. Extinguish it by snuffing it out safely in a fireproof dish when you're done. 

    Blackthorn & Rose's high quality Sweetgrass braids are wildcrafted and ethically harvested. Each sacred Sweetgrass braid is tied together with thread and measures approximately between 22-24" inches long. You will receive one large premium Sweetgrass braid per order. Sage smudge wands are sold separately in our shop!

    Happy Smudging!

    Witchcrafted with Love!

    Store Sweetgrass braid in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest. Keep Sweetgrass braid out of the reach of children and pets. 

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