Petite LOVE SPELL Enchanted Witch Bottle Vial


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Petite LOVE SPELL Enchanted Witch Bottle Vial - Powerful Love Drawing Formula to Attract New Love or Strengthen Love in an Existing Relationship. Infused with White Magic!

Witch bottles are some of the oldest form of magic that reigned supreme in the sixteen and seventeenth centuries. They were used to protect the home against troublesome spirits by warding off evil. Most witch bottles were buried near the hearth or the front door of the home because it was believed evil swept down the chimney or through the front door. Once the bottles were buried, they protected the property from the dark forces that seemed constant hundreds of years ago. Very generally speaking, the modern day Witch bottles are very similar to historical Witch bottles in their basic structure, even though their intended purpose has changed. Modern day Witch bottles have evolved and are used to positively enhance everyday living and to attract and manifest specific intentions. Witch bottles can also be used for protection, banishing, attracting positive elements into your life and to encourage and inspire high vibrational harmonious energy and bright blessings. Blackthorn and Rose's authentic Witch bottles are skillfully created in the ancient olde world style tradition of Witchcraft and are designed to recharge themselves by the energy the bottle captures for as long as the bottle stays unharmed and unbroken, whether it be many years or even centuries.

Each Witch Bottle featured from Blackthorn and Rose is carefully made in sacred space and is cleansed and smudged with ceremonial white sage, palo santo smoke and blessed with homemade Florida Water. The Witch Bottle is then fully charged during a ritual and charged with white magic for the specific intent.

Blackthorn and Rose's handcrafted Love Spell Witch bottle vial contains a mixture of the strongest botanicals, herbs, crystal gemstones, and other magical ingredients whose correspondences closely match your intent. The bottles are left unsealed so that you may add something personal to it such as a lock of hair, or a fingernail clipping. You may seal them after you add something personal for added protection. 

Blackthorn and Rose's Love Spell Witch bottle vial is meant to be placed in the highest point in the home or you may bury it near your front door. You may also place the Witch bottle on your altar or in a special place of your choice. This is a petite version of our traditional Witch Bottles which allows you to carry in your purse or pocket while traveling!

The glass Witch bottle vial measures:
Length: Aprox. 1.5" inches

Width: Aprox. 3/4" inch

It is very common for Witch Bottles to develop a very unique energetic personality of its own. Each Witch Bottle is awakened by the high vibrational spirits of nature's bounty and the benevolent spirit guides that assist in bringing the bottle to life. You will need to dedicate your Witch Bottle for your personal and spiritual use for your specific intentions. To activate your Witch Bottle, hold the bottle and imbue it with your own personal energy, chanting over it what you need it to do. Visualize your intent daily to strengthen the magick! It is very important that once you activate the Witch Bottle, only you are the one to possess it. The magic and energy can be weakened by the handling of others.

Our authentic Witch Bottles take a full Moon cycle to create. Each unique Witch Bottle is handmade and one-of-a-kind so please allow for natural variations. 

Witchcrafted with Love!

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