• PENTACLE TONGS - Safely Burn Self Lighting Charcoal Discs for Resin Incenses, Herbs, Oils, Powders & Other Loose Incense Blends


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    Never burn your fingers again with these beautiful stainless steel inscribed tongs. Don't burn or break other items poking around in hot charcoal and adjusting herbal loose incense, powders or resin pieces. Simply use these tongs and have a designated magical safety tool on your altar or in your home! Tongs are a convenient tool to have when handling and burning self lighting charcoal discs for resin incenses, herbs, oils, powders and other loose incense blends. They are the perfect way to tend to your charcoal and burning incense during your spiritual practices in a safe manner.  Tongs can be used to safely hold your charcoal disk while lighting it, add more incense to your charcoal or to scrape off the ash, so that your charcoal can burn your incense more effectively. A must have magical ritual tool for all witches and spiritual practitioners! 

    Tongs are made of silver stainless steel, feature a sacred pentacle design inscribed on both sides of its open end, and measure approximately 6" long. 

    Charcoal disks, incense and resins & are available to purchase separately in our shop!

    Witchcrafted with Love!™

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