• $ MONEY DRAWING $ - Artisan Ritual Soy Candle 9 oz - Essence of Bayberry, Oakmoss, Eucalyptus, Fir, Mint & Patchouli - For Attracting Money From Positive Sources, Increasing Cash Flow, Financial Success, Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity Workings


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    If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by, have an empty wallet or checking account, or just don't have enough money or resources to live comfortably, then its time to work that magic and transform yourself into a powerful money drawing magnet! All of the metaphysical properties of money drawing plant botanicals, roots, minerals, crystal gemstones, and the powerful nature of the Full Moon are gorgeously fused into this luscious upscale formula to assist and reinforce your intention for attracting good luck in money matters, increasing cash flow, financial gain, successful employment, stability, business growth, wealth, abundance & prosperity workings and to attract more money into your life from positive sources! 

    When you are looking to attract wealth and abundance into your life, it is important to change any negative or limiting beliefs about money. What you think becomes what you believe, and what you believe becomes your reality. You must build a positive relationship with money. You deserve financial freedom, success, abundance and wealth!

    Once you see money for what it really is – an accessible form of energy, and an unlimited supply of a resource you can use in any way that you desire – it’s much easier to form the daily habits and positive mindset necessary to acquire wealth. One great way to change any limiting beliefs about money and to help you manifest wealth is through the use of daily positive affirmations. A great daily positive affirmation and prayer to use during money rituals and prosperity workings is - 

    “I deserve financial freedom, success, riches and wealth.

    I’m a powerful money magnet.

    A river of wealth constantly flows towards me.

    Everything I touch turns to gold.

    I am creating all the money I need to accomplish everything I want to do in life.

    I always have more than enough.

    I am making positive choices about what to do with my money and enjoying the energy of abundance that it reflects.”  

    The next important step in manifesting money is to visualize your wealth as if you've already achieved it. Visualizing money as if you already have it creates an abundance mindset, as opposed to a poverty mindset. A poverty mindset makes it impossible for you to vibrate on the high frequency required to attract abundance and wealth. To raise your money attracting vibration - you must begin to think like a rich person. Banish all of your fears and rid your mind of the negative belief that money is in a lack of abundance. Believe in yourself and your own success!

    Magic opens the doors to limitless possibilities and the energy of abundance is all around us. The Universe has an unlimited bank account. Allow yourself to be open to receive the Universe's blessings and financial success! Own your power. Own your magic. Demand what it is that you want and need. Do the mundane work and follow through. Then claim it because you deserve it!

    Finally, remember that the Universe will always provide you with more of what you are grateful for. Never underestimate the power of gratitude. Be thankful for the money and funds that you currently have been blessed with. Even if you only have $5 to your name right now, that is a blessing and something to be thankful for. Be thankful for every opportunity you get to make more money, and be thankful when those opportunities finally pay off. No matter how much or how little money you are currently earning, an attitude of gratitude is essential if you want to earn more.

    Blackthorn & Rose's $ MONEY DRAWING $ ritual candles are infused with White Magic, prayed over and blessed during a sacred ritual under the light of the full moon. Fall in love with our richly scented sophisticated $ MONEY DRAWING $ artisan soy candle, drenched in an exquisite essential oil fusion of bayberry, oak moss, cedarwood, eucalyptus, fir, mint and patchouli. A lush and luxurious fragrance that transforms any room into a magical retreat so you can relax and be whisked away to another time and place. The beautiful warm glow of our ritual candles will create a rich tapestry of scent and illumination throughout the home during any season. Although the heart of what we do is steeped in ancient magic, Blackthorn & Rose products are for anyone who wants their personal space to feel peaceful, loving and comforting. 

    Each $ MONEY DRAWING $ Artisan Ritual Soy Candle is topped with a certified organic herbal fusion blend, 100% authentic shredded U.S. currency and sparkly diamond dust. Blessed with a gold pyrite stone and citrine crystals in each jar! Pyrite resonates with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power. Pyrite is an excellent stone of manifestation, allowing one to take action in creating abundance for one’s life. Pyrite is like a financial advisor and life coach that guides you toward your fullest potential and even helps you make thoughtful business decisions. It encourages you to aspire for greatness and go for the gold! Called The Merchant's Stone for its properties of increasing cash flow and good fortune, Citrine not only assists in acquiring wealth, but helps in maintaining it. It is a stone of abundance and manifestation, raising positive money vibrations, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. Citrine can help you achieve your goals and bring your intentions to life.

    The candles of Blackthorn & Rose are alchemically prepared in sacred space harnessing the ancient art of astrology, sacred moon cycles, the power of the cosmos and specific planetary hours and alignments. Each small batch of candles is witchcrafted with love and meticulously poured to ensure you receive the highest quality candle possible. Each of our handcrafted highly fragrant candles is designed to infuse your home in the beauty and essence of true magical living. Our custom essential oil blends are created with warm and inviting botanical essences to enchant and entice the senses and to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.


    • 100% all natural soy wax that is grown in the USA
    • Pure, renewable soy wax is eco-friendly and biodegradable
    • American grown, sustainable, and carbon neutral
    • Burn time: up to 60 hours
    • 9 oz Glass amber apothecary jar
    • Cotton wick - free from lead and zinc
    • Cleaner burning – no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants
    • Soy candles are considered healthier for humans, pets & the environment
    • Lasts 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle
    • Free of harsh chemicals, additives, toxins, and dyes
    • Vegan and cruelty-free


    • Your initial burn is very important. When you first light your soy candle, let it burn until it has achieved a full melt pool. A melt pool is liquefied wax that has reached the edges of the container. This will establish the memory burn and will help keep the scent in your candle strong and it will prevent the wax from tunneling. Each time you burn your candle in the future, it is always best to allow your candle reach a full melt pool for optimal results. We recommend burning your candle for a minimum of 2 hrs at a time to ensure the best quality burn and fragrance throw. Always trim the wick to ¼ inch each time before burning. A wick length over 1/4 inch will produce soot and long wicks can cause uneven burning, dripping or flaring. Burn times will vary. 

    You will receive one artisan ritual soy candle per order that comes beautifully packaged and adorned with a handmade olde world wax seal on top of the bewitching black lid. Perfect for treating yourself or for gift giving to family, friends or loved ones.

    Witchcrafted with Love!™

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    WARNING: Please use safe burn practices. Any lit candle is a hazard to life and property. Handle with extreme care and caution to prevent fire and serious injury. NEVER LEAVE CANDLES BURNING UNATTENDED. Always keep a burning candle within sight. Never fall asleep when candle(s) are burning. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4th” inch. Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, ceiling fans and air currents. Blackthorn & Rose is not responsible or liable for any damaged caused by misuse of candles or our products. By reading and purchasing our products, you release Blackthorn & Rose from any liability arising out of use of our products.