Lucky GOOD FORTUNE Mojo Bag - Witchcrafted to Attract Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance, Blessings, Luck, Good Fortune & Success


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This item is out of stock

Cultures worldwide have long incorporated small bags containing herbs, stones, and other sacred items as part of their religious belief systems and spiritual practices and was believed to attract positive elements into their lives. These sacred charm bags have various names and styles depending on the culture and have been called such names as mojo bag, gris-gris bag, conjure bag, root bag, trick bag, medicine bag, spirit bag, putsi bag, lucky hand, mojo hand, conjure hand, herbal sachet and herbal charm.

Lucky GOOD FORTUNE Mojo Bag is witchcrafted to attract prosperity, wealth, abundance, blessings, luck, good fortune, success, and positive reward in all of your endeavors! Each lucky GOOD FORTUNE mojo bag contains authentic shredded $100 bills to attract financial gain and a sacred mixture of the strongest herbs, roots, oils, crystal gemstones, minerals, and other secret magical ingredients. Blackthorn and Rose's Mojo Bags are carefully handcrafted and alchemically prepared with focused intent in sacred space. Each mojo bag is blessed and infused with white magic, capturing the true essence and spirit of magic! The extra strength version contains special magical ingredients to add more power to the mojo bag and there is also an additional blessing ceremony performed. Vegan and cruelty-free.

It is very common for mojo bags to develop a very unique energetic personality of its own. Each mojo bag is awakened by the high vibrational spirits of nature's bounty and the benevolent spirit guides that assist in bringing the bag to life. You will need to dedicate your charm bag for your personal and spiritual use for your specific intentions. To activate your charm bag, hold the bag and imbue it with your own personal energy, chanting over it what you need it to do. Visualize your intent daily while holding your mojo bag to strengthen the magic! It is very important that once you activate the mojo charm bag, only you are the one to see it or possess it. The magic and energy can be weakened by the handling of others.

Witchcrafted with Love!™

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