VOLCANIC BASALT LAVA TUMBLED STONE - Absorbs Negativity, Unblocks Emotions, Courage, Stability, Major Life Changes, Transformation, Grounding, Motivation


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Basalt has the ultimate before-and-after, transformation story. Once, it was volcanic magma, leading a tumultuous and never stationary life. As it rose toward the surface, its fiery disposition cooled, and it became a source of stability and support for much of Earth’s surface and ocean basins. An earthy and intense mineral created from volcanoes, the healing crystal medicine of the Basalt stone reignites the fire in your spirit, giving you the courage and strength to follow your bliss. 

Lava or Basalt as it is often called is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption where fire from deep in the earth was thrust up through rock and earth to be hurled through the air and gently weathered by the rain over millennia. Because of the nature of this stone’s birth it is uniquely connected to all four of the elements, it creates perfect harmony and balance. This stone has the nurturing power of Mother Earth and the grounding energy of total transformation.

The fiery spark of the Basalt stone is a force to be reckoned with and will burn through what no longer serves you energetically on the mundane and spiritual level. Containing the intense power of volcanoes, use Basalt as your spirit guide, that wise voice on your shoulder giving you the gift of infinite wisdom it has gained from the earth and its many transformations over millions and millions of years. The Basalt stone meaning was created out of destruction and chaos, so it knows all about thriving in harsh conditions. Use its power to anchor you to the earth, an excellent healing aid when you're faced with major life changes. During difficult transitions, such as going through a divorce or a break up, grieving from a loss, changing careers, moving to a new home, Basalt provides confidence, healing and support. 

Not all changes in life have to include a complete metamorphosis. Maybe you just need a little more consistency when it comes to healthy choices. You can connect to the energy of Basalt to shift your mentality and keep pursuing positive progress. Even when you slip backwards in your old behaviors, Basalt will provide you the emotional support you need to get right back on your feet and into your motivated mindset. An effective mood stabilizer in the world of crystals and gemstones, Basalt softens the edges of cynicism by cleansing your aura of negativity. The Basalt stone reminds us to always chase our dreams instead of running from our fears. With the sky above, the earth below, and a fire within, go deep with the Basalt stone and be a fearless warrior in the pursuit of true happiness.

The Basalt stone crystal contains the power of fire, working to rekindle the flames of passion in your spirit. If you find yourself drawn to Basalt, chances are, the stone has chosen you instead of the other way around. In other words, it's a sign that it's time to transform your attitude and elevate your vibrational fields by lighting the wick of spiritual enlightenment. 

In addition, Basalt stone is a wonderful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto the stone and enjoy the added therapeutic benefits it brings!

Our beautiful Volcanic Basalt Lava Tumbled Stones vary in size but average in the range between approximately .75" and 1.25" inch. All premium gemstones from Blackthorn and Rose carry a high vibrational frequency and each stone is infused with white magic, love and pure intention to be served for your highest good. Each gemstone is cleansed and blessed under beautiful moonlight in sacred space with the purifying smoke of ceremonial white sage, and the healing sound waves of my singing bowls. Each special stone intuitively chooses its new home. You will receive one piece per order that comes beautifully packaged. Please allow for natural variations as each stone is unique and a precious gift from Mother Earth.

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