• KITCHEN WITCH'S HERB & SPICE GRINDER - Apothecary Tool Used to Blend, Crush or Grind Dried Herbs, Flowers, or Spices to Perfection


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    Decorated with the brass inlay of a sacred pentacle, this beautiful wooden herb & spice grinder is the perfect addition to your kitchen magic crafts and herbalist studies, helping you to create your own special herbal spell mixes, culinary delights and other witchy concoctions. A handy little tool consisting of an upper half and a lower half that open up to reveal an interior chamber that has small nail-like metal studs attached. Simply add the dried herbs, flowers or spices you wish to blend, crush or grind onto the bottom chamber and attach the top half. Grasp it between both hands and twist in opposing directions to conveniently grind your herbs or spices to perfection. Herbs, flowers or spices may be crushed to your personal preferences, depending on how long you grind. This stylish wooden herb & spice grinder not only makes life easier by grinding your herbs, it also infuses them with magic, power, protection and negativity banishing properties of the pentacle. The perfect apothecary tool for any kitchen witch, herbalist or spiritual practitioner!

    The Kitchen Witch's Pentacle Herb & Spice Grinder measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and is crafted of wood, with a metal pentacle inlay affixed to the upper half. Shown is a representative grinder from among those available. Please allow for natural variation as each one is unique.

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