• GRAVEYARD DIRT - Natural Curio - Protection, Luck, Prosperity, Love, Banishing, Divination, Spirit Communication, Honoring Ancestors, Invoking the Goddess Hekate


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    Graveyard Dirt is a famous ingredient in many spells of various magical traditions. Although graveyard dirt is more commonly associated in the mind of the general public with black magic and curses, in reality graveyard dirt is also an ingredient in various good works and positive magic, such as for protection, luck, prosperity and even love-drawing.

    Graveyard dirt is a powerful symbolic tool used to aid in spells and rituals to represent the sacred Element of Earth. It is also used to form a connection to the Ancestors and Spirits of the Dead. Use graveyard dirt during Samhain rituals or anytime of the year to honor and communicate with your Ancestors and beloved dead beyond the veil. Witches and spiritual practitioners also favor graveyard dirt when working banishing spells or defensive magic for protection from all forms of negativity, harm and evil. It can be used in spells to stop gossip, harassment, slander or put an end to toxic relationships. Graveyard dirt is also used in rituals to break and remove hexes, curses, jinxes, crossed conditions, bad luck and to protect against the evil eye.

    Other uses for graveyard dirt include - prosperity, abundance, luck, money drawing, getting money owed paid to you, resolving financial issues, attraction, reconciliation, ending a relationship, drawing a new love, protection, binding, séance work, spirit communication, divination rituals, scrying, connecting to the spirit realm, changing the luck or direction of a circumstance, removing blockages, opening new doors and opportunities, hot foot tricks, go away spells, jinxing, cursing, karmic retribution, reversing, theft prevention, crossroads magic & rituals, invoking the Goddess Hekate, garden magic, healing from addictions and so much more.

    Whatever your intention might be, graveyard dirt is a special ingredient that puts some spiritual power in your corner! Add a pinch to incense, oils, potions, powders, poppets, herbal blends, mojo bags, sachets, and sprinkle onto candles. The magical possibilities of graveyard dirt are endless!

    Blackthorn & Rose's authentic Graveyard Dirt was gathered on a Full Moon in a respectful and honorable manner. Permission was granted from the Spirits to collect the dirt and a proper offering and small token of appreciation was left in return. The dirt is carefully dried out, prayed over and blessed before packaging. This graveyard dirt comes from various wooded areas, paths and crossroads within an old rural cemetery located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. The energy of this dirt is amazing and the texture is gorgeous because it contains the natural flora of the surrounding woods. 

    Graveyard Dirt available in a 1 oz glass bottle. 

    Store graveyard dirt in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest. Keep graveyard dirt out of the reach of children and pets. 

    Witchcrafted with Love!

    Please read our Store Policies Page for detailed information and our disclaimer regarding the use of Blackthorn and Rose's magical offerings. Blackthorn & Rose does not make any supernatural claims for Graveyard Dirt, and sell it as a Curio only. All sales are final.