FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION - Artisan Ritual Spell Oil - 1/2 oz - Protection, Guarding, Shielding, Ward off Negative Energy, Evil, Psychic Attacks & Crossed Conditions - Commonly Associated with St. Michael the Archangel


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FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION is a magical formula used to form strong protective barriers and to put up a powerful shield against negativity and any other harm that might be weakening your aura or draining your energy. It's a formula that no Witch or spiritual practitioner should be without! The intention of this ritual oil has potent prevention properties and is an excellent metaphysical tool to use in spiritual self defense situations of fear, intimidation and to ward off negative energy, evil entities, energy vampires, psychic attacks, black magic, bad influences and crossed conditions. It is also a great solution when you need to cleanse, clear and purify your space and self of negativity with the power of elemental fire. Use FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION oil for any protective spiritual workings for yourself, your family or your clients. All manner of shielding, guarding and protection is afforded with Fiery Wall of Protection!

Blackthorn & Rose's FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION artisan ritual oil takes 3 full months to make. Each bottle contains herbs, roots, minerals & ancient resins that offer protection according to the Doctrine of Signatures and historical reference.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION oil is traditionally used in all types of cleansing and protective spiritual work. It is suitable for use at home, work or traveling. Use in spiritual practices to cleanse and protect the home, yourself, your family, vehicle, property, business or finances. This oil is ideal to anoint entrances, doormats, doors, doorknobs, windows, thresholds and the 4 corners of our property etc. 

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION is commonly associated with St. Michael the Archangel. You may use this oil as a daily offering to St. Michael by anointing a 7 day glass jar candle, tea light, votive, chime or any other type of candle and lighting it in his honor. You can also use this oil when you ask for direct intercession from St. Michael for assistance and protection. If you intend to use this oil when working with St. Michael the Archangel, say the prayer (below) and consecrate this oil for use at your altar. You may also recite Psalm 23, Psalm 91 or Psalm 141 over any type of candle anointed with this oil for general protection work.

Prayer to St Michael -

St. Michael the Archangel,

Defend us in battle.

Be my protection against the wickedness

and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray.

And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,

by the Power of God strike down Satan

and all evil spirits who prowl about the world

seeking the ruin of souls.

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Blackthorn & Rose's artisan ritual spell oils are freshly hand-crafted in the ancient olde world tradition of Witchcraft and can be used in spiritual practices and ritual ceremonies to anoint candles, charms, crystals, ritual tools, doorways, mirrors, and other items. Ritual oils are also used to anoint the body, worn as a natural perfume, added to a ritual bath, or burned in a diffuser. 

Each sacred ritual oil formulation is carefully hand-blended and alchemically prepared with focused intent in sacred space. Blackthorn & Rose's artisan ritual spell oils are beautifully infused with white magic and the highest quality pure essential oils, premium natural absolutes, organic botanicals, crystal gemstones, and other sustainably and wild-harvested natural ingredients whose correspondences closely match your intent. Each bottle gorgeously captures the true essence and spirit of magic! 

Witchcrafted with Love!

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