• *DISCONTINUED* SNAKE TOTEM WAND Witch's Ritual Tool - Violet Flame Aura Quartz Crystal - Sacred Serpent Symbolism - Snake Goddess - Wildcrafted Wildwood

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    Handmade SNAKE TOTEM WAND - Witch's Ritual Tool - Sacred Serpent Symbolism - Snake Goddess - Violet Flame Aura Quartz Crystal - Wildcrafted Wildwood 

    Blackthorn and Rose proudly presents our gorgeous handmade one-of-a-kind Snake Totem Ritual Wand. Our SNAKE TOTEM WAND is wildcrafted from a wildwood branch that was sustainably gathered in our local forest in Illinois next to a sacred river. We use our intuition and spiritual awareness in carefully selecting the wood used to handcraft this sacred ritual tool.

    This wand was skillfully smoothed and sanded over several sessions in sacred space. The wand is sealed and finished with a vintage shellac to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. This branch is absolutely stunning and resembles a snake. The beautiful curve to the wood adds to the mysterious snake symbolism. Iridescent decorative beads bring out the features of a naturally formed snake's head on the handle. The tip of the wand holds a gorgeous violet flame aura quartz crystal. The wand is beautifully adorned with copper wire, decorative beads, natural feathers and black waxed linen. The wand in the photographs is the same wand that you will receive! 

    Wand measurements:
    Length of wand including the tip: Aprox. 14" inches 
    Length of Aura Quartz Tip: Aprox. 1 1/4" inch
    Width of Aura Quartz Tip: Aprox. 3/8" of an inch

    Violet Amethyst Titanium Aura Quartz Lore:

    The Flame Aura or Titanium Quartz is made by bonding gold and titanium to natural quartz. 

    Metal-coated crystals are natural crystals, such as quartz, whose surface has been coated with metal to give them an iridescent metallic sheen. Aura quartz crystals have been enhanced with a combination of titanium and gold. Titanium molecules are bonded to the quartz by the natural electrostatic charge of the crystal in a process known as magnetron ionization. The brilliant color of flame aura is the result of optical interference effects produced by layers of titanium. Since only electricity is used to deposit the titanium layers and create these colors, very little heat is involved and the full integrity of the crystal is maintained. The crystal does not become brittle or prone to breakage as with other enhancements.

    According to history and legend, Native Americans believe that the Snake Totem Animal is a symbol of death, rebirth, eternity, and the sacred mysteries of life.

    Witchcrafted with Love!

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