Charmed GYPSY LOVE POTION - 1/2 oz - Enchanted Aphrodisiac - Triple Brewed & Aged to Perfection


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Blackthorn and Rose's exclusive premium grain alcohol based tincture, GYPSY LOVE POTION, is handcrafted in the olde world tradition of witchcraft and takes 3 full moon cycles to make. Only a few small batches are brewed a year because of the extensive time, preparation, ritual and magic involved during the process of making this ultra powerful potion. Witchcrafted using an olde world European family recipe of ancient aphrodisiacs that has been handed down through generations, GYPSY LOVE POTION can be used in rituals involving finding a new love, enhancing an existing love, and amplifying romance! Use in magical workings for increasing attraction, sex appeal, enchantment, bewitchment, passion, seduction, and lust. It is said that Gypsy women would sell this potion in small European villages during their travels throughout the centuries and it's believed that many steamy affairs and marriages occurred due to this potent magical potion!

GYPSY LOVE POTION can be used to anoint the body, charms, talismans, mojo bags, crystals, ritual tools, doorways, mirrors, and other items. A small amount of the potion can also be added to ritual baths. 

Historical love potions that were formulated throughout the centuries were often very subtle and almost completely undetectable to conceal the potion's magical power. Our GYPSY LOVE POTION smells very soft, sweet, subtle, and light when warmed on the skin. Our love potion is not a traditional strong fragrance or overpowering perfume. The potion itself is steeped in ancient magic over a long period of time and only contains premium grain alcohol which has naturally extracted the pure essence and energy of the aphrodisiac botanicals. No essential oils or fragrances are added to this sacred formulation.

Each powerful magic potion is blessed and charged with high vibrational crystal energy and drenched in moonlight. GYPSY LOVE POTION gorgeously captures the true essence and spirit of magic, casting a captivating spell on your skin! 

Witchcrafted with love!

*Please note that our exclusive GYPSY LOVE POTION is an alcohol based tincture. Keep away from anything flammable, children and pets. Do NOT use to anoint candles or anything with an open flame. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. DO NOT take any of our products internally. 

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