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    Catnip is the ultimate feline herb, for centuries cats have been going crazy over this plant. It makes them happy and frisky, yet has a more soothing effect on people. The feline's attraction to this plant is curious indeed, and in fact, referred to as the "the catnip response." It is not just observed in domesticated housecats, but also in jaguars, tigers, leopards, lions, and several other large cats. They are responding to the scent of nepetalactone in catnip, the aromatherapeutic element being more powerful than taking it internally. It’s believed that a gift of catnip from you to your cat will create a magical and psychic bond between the two of you. Use in animal totem rituals and meditations when your totem animal is a cat or member of the feline family.

    Catnip has been used in European folk medicine for generations as a calming agent for the mind, body, and spirit. Used in traditional medicine in Europe for centuries, and first mentioned in the poetic 11th century herbal, De viribus herbarum, catnip was prized for its ability to reduce stress, calm occasional nervousness and promote restful sleep. The healing and relaxing properties of catnip is helpful in cases of occasional pain, headache, insomnia, restlessness and supporting the menstrual cycle.

    In magic, catnip is used for love, beauty, attraction, good luck, healing, joy, harmony, and happiness. Catnip is also called the "Women's Love Herb" because it is believed to make women charming, enticing and desirable to men. Use catnip in love spells and sachets, especially those to attract men. Add catnip to a ritual bath or sprinkle in the bed to amplify passion with a current partner or to attract a new lover. Just as the cat finds this herb intoxicating and irresistible, so will the one you target in love magic, using catnip to draw them to you! 

    Magical Properties - Attraction, Beauty, Cat Magic, Creativity, Fertility, Good Luck, Happiness, Harmony, Healing, Joy, Love, Meditation, Passion, Peace, Relaxation, Sleep, Tranquility, Water Element. 

    Each 6 oz glass apothecary jar measures approximately 4" high x 2.5" wide topped with a bewitching black metal lid. Blackthorn and Rose's premium all natural certified organic catnip is freshly harvested in North Carolina and Virginia. Makes the perfect gift for your feline familiar!

    Witchcrafted with Love!

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