BLUE TIGER'S EYE Tumbled Gemstone - Stone of Strength, Willpower, Courage, Power, Protection, Luck & Good Fortune


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Blue Tiger's Eye is a healing gemstone of strength, vitality and physical action. It stimulates the first through third chakras to help you remain grounded, calm and centered, regardless of how difficult any situation is. Draw on Blue Tiger’s Eye to boost confidence, inner strength, emotional stability and energy levels when working through lifestyle changes and health improvement routines. Blue Tiger's Eye energizes the body and chakras to strengthen motivation, focus and willpower. It combines the energy of the Sun with the energy of the Earth, bringing grounding, positive, optimistic and happy energies. Blue Tiger’s Eye stones help you to see the positive and good in any situation, making it especially helpful for anyone who suffers from feelings of anxiety or depression. Blue Tiger Eye is a strong protective stone especially for travelers, as well as bringing luck and good fortune. In ancient times, they were used as talismans to protect against bad luck and curses. Carrying a Blue Tiger's Eye stone is believed to bring you new opportunities, good luck, prosperity and wealth. They also help to give you a little creative boost and inspiration when you are feeling unmotivated, creatively blocked or drained. 

Blue Tiger's Eye is the rarest form of Tiger Eye stones and is also known as Falcon’s Eye or Hawk’s Eye. Blue Tiger's Eye is considered the most authoritative of the Tiger's Eye stones, warding off nightmares, protecting one from harm and jealousy, and providing deeper insights and awareness so one may see the truth in all matters. It sharpens the senses, helping one focus with clarity and pay attention to details to prepare for positive action. A marvelous stone for self awareness, increasing intuition and providing inspirational guidance for one’s life. Blue Tiger's Eye is a powerful healing stone increasing vitality and strength, and restoring balance to the body on all levels. It promotes peacefulness and beauty, and connects with the spiritual power of the Sun as nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit.

Our beautiful Blue Tiger's Eye Tumbled Gemstones vary in size but average around approximately 1" and 1.5" inch. All premium gemstones from Blackthorn and Rose carry a high vibrational frequency and each stone is infused with white magic, love and pure intention to be served for your highest good. Each gemstone is cleansed and blessed under beautiful moonlight in sacred space with the purifying smoke of ceremonial white sage, and the healing sound waves of my singing bowls. Each special stone intuitively chooses its new home. You will receive one piece per order that comes beautifully packaged. Please allow for natural variations as each stone is unique and a precious gift from Mother Earth. 

Witchcrafted with Love!™

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