• BLACK CAST IRON CAULDRON - Antique Olde World Style - Salem Witch 1692 Edition - Use for Rituals, Candle Magic, Herbs, Potions, Incense & Resins


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    This bewitching little 3.5" antique olde world style black cast iron cauldron is the perfect tool for any Witch or spiritual practitioner. A great addition to any sacred space or altar and it's the perfect size for travel or to use during outdoor rituals. Each cauldron is designed to be a smaller replica of the cauldrons used throughout the world by our Ancestors hundreds of years ago. The authentic look and rustic feel of this cauldron is similar to the ones used in the 1600's, and possibly as far back as the Iron Age. This particular ribbed design was very popular in most common households during the burning times in Salem. This cauldron is a beautiful way to honor and remember our beloved Witch ancestors of Salem Village in 1692.

    This heavy quality cauldron is the perfect tool for all your spell crafting needs and burnables. It includes a metal handle, matching lid, and sits on tripod legs for support. The cauldron is traditionally a symbol of Mother Earth and the three legs upon which it stands correspond to the three aspects of the Goddess: Mother, Maiden and Crone. It also corresponds with the three lunar phases: new moon, full moon and dark moon. The cauldron is also a symbol of rebirth, transformation, the hearth, of abundance and of well-being.

    Use this sturdy cauldron to burn herbs, resins and loose incense over hot charcoal. Perfect to use during any type of fire ritual, holiday Sabbat celebrations or to burn petitions in during spiritual work. It also has many other useful purposes such as an offering vessel, smudge pot, candle holder or vase. This darling little cauldron can also be used to hold your crystals, stones, potions, sacred treasures, witchy trinkets, jewelry, spell blends, or water for scrying and divination rituals.

    To keep your cauldron in good shape, wash with a gentle detergent, dry well and keep oiled with a fine vegetable oil such as olive oil. This cauldron will last for generations with proper care. It is recommended to fill your cauldron with sand or salt when burning incense or candles to help absorb some of the heat. Always use caution with open flames. When in use, cauldron can get very hot, handle with care. 

    Each 3.5" ribbed cast iron cauldron is individually sand molded making each cauldron unique. 

    Charcoal disks, incense and resins are available to purchase separately in our shop.

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