Blackthorn and Rose does not offer wholesale ordering, wholesale discounts, or consignment at this time. Our exclusive handmade offerings are available only at Blackthorn and Rose. 



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We feature products that are cruelty-free, not tested on animals as Blackthorn and Rose does not believe in testing any product on animals and believes in Fair Trade. We use natural ingredients that are certified organic and sustainably and wild-harvested that are free of harsh chemicals. We use pure therapeutic grade essential oils and phthalate free high grade fragrance oils that have been tested for skincare applications and follow the IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) guidelines. Our natural perfumes are carefully blended into organic sweet almond oil or organic fractionated coconut oil made from the highest quality coconuts. Fractionated coconut oil is world famous for its superiority as a carrier oil in many perfumes and has a very long shelf life. Our ritual oils are blended into a base of either organic fractionated coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, or organic olive oil depending on the purpose of the oil.



Blackthorn and Rose does not include instructions for use with any of our products. Names/titles, detailed descriptions, and suggested use of our products are contained within our product listings, but are not included with your items/package when shipped. Our products are designed to be used by those who have an understanding of how magic and manifestation works. It is the buyers sole responsibility when purchasing spiritual products to know how to use them in their own personal spiritual practice and spell work. There are numerous books and online sources available for you to research that contain information in regard to spiritual practices, magical applications, and spells. Blackthorn and Rose is not responsible for the education of spiritual practices or giving instruction of magical applications. 

Blackthorn and Rose is not responsible for any advice, personal usage instructions, product recommendations, mental or physical reactions or outcomes of any spiritual workings while using our products. Our items and products are not substitutes for legal, psychological, medical, or financial advice. Please seek the help of a professional when needed.



We have received numerous emails from people in search of a quick fix or a magical cure-all. We do NOT sell magical miracles. Our products are to be imbued with your own personal energy and focused intent and used in your own daily spiritual workings. The magic is truly your own. It is your responsibility to put in the effort, focus, discipline, energy and spiritual work to manifest your wishes. Blackthorn and Rose designs high quality spiritual products whose correspondences closely match your intent. Blackthorn and Roses does not guarantee the outcome of any magical working or spell. We believe that if you put enough daily effort, work, focus, energy, and intent into your wishes, you have the ability to manifest it!



We get asked very often from numerous people all over the world for advice and guidance regarding personal matters and requests from people seeking spells for personal situations. For Government and legal purposes, Blackthorn and Rose is not able to accommodate any personal requests or inquiries for any type of advice or guidance. We do not offer product or spell recommendations based on your personal matters and concerns. Only you can decide what will work best to suit your personal and magical needs.


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