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Questions and/or order inquiries are answered via email to best serve you. Please take a moment to drop me a line at and I will respond back as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • ***Please note that all products are freshly handcrafted and made to order. Due to Covid-19 and the high demand of my handcrafted offerings, all orders are generally processed, packaged and shipped within 10-18 business days from your date of order. Excluding weekends and holidays. Please expect a 2-3 week lead time before I can ship your order. Please check your order date before contacting me about the status of your order.***

  • Blackthorn & Rose is a one woman owned and operated small home based business. My time and attention is required to be in many places at once and I service thousands of clients as fast as my two hands will allow. Please allow the necessary time it takes for me to weave my magic and lovingly handcraft your order with the attention, care and detail that it deserves. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you! You will receive a shipping notification that includes your USPS tracking number via Paypal once your package has shipped. Please make sure that your email address entered on the order and the email address you have on file with Paypal are correct in order to receive the shipping notifications.

  • All sales are final. Due to the process and nature of our handmade products, returns and/or refunds are not available. Blackthorn & Rose does not authorize or accept cancellations. Please make sure your order is correct before finalizing your purchase. An order cannot be canceled once it is placed. Due to the extreme order volume and changes in Paypal's legal terms and agreements, Blackthorn & Rose will not issue or authorize refunds to combine shipping costs. If you place multiple orders, each order will be packaged and shipped separately. After purchasing our products, it signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases Blackthorn and Rose from all liability. Blackthorn and Rose does not issue any refunds or authorize returns for any reason. All sales are final.

  • ***Due to the amount of high volume orders I'm receiving, I can no longer accept requests for custom work at this time.***

  • ***Blackthorn & Rose currently does not offer any type of advice, spiritual consultations or spell work services at this time.*** 

  • Blackthorn & Rose ONLY ships orders to locations within the United States. International inquires and requests to ship outside of the United States will be denied. 

  • If you are inquiring about wholesale availability, please note that Blackthorn & Rose does NOT offer wholesale ordering, wholesale discounts, stock for subscription boxes, trade of goods for services, or consignment at this time. My exclusive handmade offerings are available only at Blackthorn & Rose. 

Thank you for contacting Blackthorn & Rose - Have a beautiful and blessed day! Love, Melissa

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